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You can protect your eyes if you are in our forties and fifties by seeing your eye doctor every two years. During these visits make sure that your doctor dilates your eyes. This gives your doctor the ability to test for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.
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Now consider LASIK. The curvature of the cornea is re shaped by laser pulses which remove tissue. Tissue can not be put back or re created. If the results are not satisfactory, there is no second chance. By the way, the LASIK industry usually judges "success" to be corrected focus of 20/40, which is legal for driving in most of the United States. Suppose you really want 20/20, or better. Tough. Want to complain? You will probably have signed away your right to a lawsuit before the procedure.
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Now you would clearly like to know which region is allocated to your main problem area of short sightedness. The answer is the bottom most part of your lens is the region that is assigned the correction of short sightedness.
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A year after wearing these bifocal sunglasses I realized that the skin on the tops of my cheeks, at the point where the sun goes through the bifocals, was drier than the skin on the rest of my face. It was also developing sun spots, enlarged pores, and it was beginning to sag a bit.
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My eye doctor added bifocals to my prescription. Instead of the old style with the line in the middle of the lens announcing how very old you are to the world, these days we have the privilege of wearing "progressive lenses," which are great, because there's no line to give away your age.
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The outcome is a sterling silver looking item at a much lower price. It may look like sterling silver but the silver plating may wear off quite speedily, exposing the less than appealing base metal.
However, what is also common is the presence of myopia together with presbyopia. Myopia can happen at any age, and is usually caused by excessive strain on the eyes, or bad eye habits. Most of the sufferers will use bifocal lenses to correct their vision. The bifocal lenses have two different lenses molded into one, where they can now see near and far objects equally well.
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It's just a guess, but I bet your daily life is full of stress and your body is begging for a much needed rest. What's the solution to get revitalized to restore your spirit and most importantly your body? A Body Detox or Body Detoxification.
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Pros: Similar to bifocals, the glasses have distinctly separate areas, with a line separating them for up close, mid range and far away distances. Most insurance companies cover these types of glasses. The vision is crisp for reading, computers and driving. Trifocals are a great solution for those who need all three ranges on a regular basis and don't want two pairs of glasses.

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